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Pack Of 2 Foot Detoxer

$199.00 $180.00

  • Size: 8”x9” Double Light
  • Colour:Pink
  • Himalayan Foot Detox Half Dome Lamp | Remove Toxins & Relax Tired & Achy Feet
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It naturally draws away Harmful Toxins from your sore feet
QUALITY: Salt Lamps Plus selected Natural Himalayan salt lamp for there customers. Its Durable and base is made up of Neem Wood. The lamp emits calming amber color to create a lighting ambience, which can lift your mood and relieve stress
GOOD FOR HEALTH: The Himalayan natural crystal salt lamp also works as an air purifier. When lit, the lamp emits negative ions that fight against positively charged particles that cause you to feel stuffy and sluggish.
CERTIFIED: UL certified Switch with 6-foot power cord; includes 15W bulb. Base is made from high quality neem wood, durable and termite free
MULTIPURPOSE: Great as a bed light, decorative light, meditation lamp, and more. Himalayan salt lamps are unique home decor items, and their soft warm glow makes them excellent for mood lighting or as a nightlight. Gently light up any space – home, office, or bedside.
Pure 100% Natural Himalayan Salt for Smoking room is an ideal place for salt lamp Feel Uplifted and high spirited
Authentic Product is Sold
These 200 million year old salt deposits are high in minerals and trace elements
Great Gift Idea Natural Rock Salt Use it for both home & Office, Memorable gift for Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary”


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